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February 12, 2014

OH SR22 Broad-Form auto insurance

The state of Ohio has been actively using the SR22 insurance monitoring system for drivers that incur certain violations within the state (regardless where you live, or where you are licensed)  Normally these violation include (but not limited to..) DUI, refusal to test, driving while license suspended/revoked, or a no-insurance violation.  When you are convicted of one of these violations, the SR22 bond, or SR22 broad-form policies can be used if you do not own a vehicle, but still want your license reinstated.  A broad-form SR22 in OH can be used for compliance whethere you own vehicles or not…

The broad-form liability auto policy is a terrific choice for your compliance.  The policy is basically liability insurance for damage/injury caused while driving any personal auto.. OWNED or NON OWNED.  If you are driving any of your cars, or borrowing from a friend/relative.. you are covered.  These policies are normally written to state minimum liability, and any damage incurred to the car you are driving will not be covered ( You can view this as a LIABILITY-ONLY policy on anything you operate.  NO comprehensive or collision coverage is provided by a broad-form auto policy)  The cost of this policy can be half what a traditional liability owners policy would be, and it is accepted as SR22 in Ohio.

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