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May 16, 2018

Out of state SR-22 insurance filings

The SR22/FR44 communication system is used by the DMV to track insurance policies of certain drivers. The driver that requires out of state SR22 insurance or an FR44 has several choices how the insurance can be applied, and is written to the limits of the state where the policy is based.  Most times, the driver lives in the state where the violation occurs ..  But not always.  When a driver commits a violation requiring SR22 or FR44 compliance in a state that he/she does not live in, what is the solution?  When this situation occurs, the driver is normally not licensed in the state where the violation happened as well (on vacation, etc.)  The insurance policy must still be written in the state of residence, and a secondary (out of state) SR-22 is applied for the requiring state DMV.  With this setup, the state where the violation happened is involved in the policy as well, and holds are released.  

At WESSELL INSURANCE, we get many situations where 2 states are involved in a policy.  The compliance is easily achieved through an out-of-state SR-22 filing.  We can add the required state to any local policy, and get the holds removed that are blocking your license.  Give us a call today, and we can simplify your complicated situation!

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