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May 2, 2021

Out of state SR22 requirement

Most times, drivers that get certain violations that require an SR22 or FR44 insurance get those within their home state.  The policy required is very straight forward, and the license reinstatement is easy.  Sometimes, however, the violation that triggers the financial responsibility requirement occurs outside your home state.  Occasions include vacation, or business travel, but the result remains the same…  An SR22 requirement that involves 2 states now.  The state where the violation occurs normally takes the lead in requiring the SR22 in that state even though you are not licensed there.  Your home state will honor the request from the violation state to suspend your license, until the new hold is removed by the violation state.  Even though you aren’t licensed in the violation state, and may not even plan to go back ever again…. They are now involved in your insurance life for a possible 3 years depending.  At WESSELL INSURANCE, we can put together a named-operaor SR22 policy to satisfy the violation state, without involving (or affecting) your current insurance situation.  The violation state will watch the policy issued for the number of compliance months, then once the time has passed, there will be no consequence just like any other SR22 situation.  Some states will actually assign you an in-state drivers license number for us to rate your policy (sometimes referred to as a customer number, or compliance number)  In either case, call us at WESSELL INSURANCE, and we can untangle your SR22 or FR44 out-of-state situation same day.  





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