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July 22, 2013

Owner’s SR22 Policy or Broad-Form SR22 Policy?

In certain states, a broad-form SR22 policy is available to release your license and keep it valid.  A traditional owner’s SR22 policy does the same. Both will extend coverage to all OWNED vehicles for the policyholder…so which is better?

A broad-form SR22 policy will certainly be cheaper, usually by about 20%, for a few reasons.  Firstly, there is only coverage for the policyholder, the policy does not extend to any other drivers that would borrow the car.  If you are the only driver, and the vehicle(s) are older and only need liability insurance, a broad-form SR22 would fit well.  Also, your entire group of owned vehicles would be covered at the same rate; ID cards are available for all cars you own no matter the amount.

An owners SR22 policy will supply the traditional liability insurance for vehicles listed on the policy.  Each additional vehicle added will increase the premium, discounts applied for multi-car.  The owners SR22 will also release your license and keep it valid.  The real advantage to the owner’s policy is the ability to lend the vehicle to other licensed drivers occasionally, and have coverage provided.  In states where a broad-form SR22 is not available, the owner’s policy is the only choice.

These are the states that Wessell Insurance currently writes broad-form SR22 policies in: Idaho, Washington, Colorado, Tennessee, Iowa, Texas, Ohio, and Wyoming.  The policy is a terrific alternative to regular owner’s SR22, at a reduced cost.

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