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January 27, 2017


The state of Rhode Islands main DMV office is in Cranston, RI.  This is also the office that handles driver’s license suspensions and license reinstatement for RI drivers.

If you have been convicted of a alcohol related offense or driving under the influence of drugs, you driving privileges will be revoked. In order to reinstate your license you will need to acquire an SR22 certificate of future Financial Responsibility insurance, also known as SR22 insurance. This requirement is for residents of RI that have an auto titled in their name, and for residents that do not own a car. Those convicted of a DUI / DWI that do not own a car, or do not drive, will be required to get an operators license SR22. This will release a suspended drivers license and allow for license reinstatement.

If you have moved to another state since the violation, or were visiting RI when the violation took place, the DMV will require you to get an operators SR22 with a secondary filing to the state of RI. By doing a secondary filing to the state you will be able to get a license in your new state, or renew your existing license in your state of residence. Bottom line is you will need to comply with the RI SR22 requirements to remove any holds on your license, even if you no longer live there.  

Wessell Insurance Services can help answer any SR22 questions you might have, like; cost of SR-22, how long do I need the SR-22, and where you can buy SR22 auto insurance for Rhode Island.  Give us a call us at 866-663-7561, we would love to give you a quick quote and help get you back on the road.

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