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November 19, 2014

SR22 Insurance Details

Here at Wessell Insurance, we concentrate on SR22 insurance policies…  So what exactly is an SR22?  Simply put, an SR22  is an endorsement to an auto insurance policy that allows a state(s) to monitor the progress of that policy.  The deal you are entering into is simple… Take out AND MAINTAIN a liability insurance policy endorsed with an SR22 in exchange for your valid license.  Let the policy lapse/cancel, and the state will suspend or revoke your drivers license.. and you will be back where you started.  If you keep the policy in place for the required period of time, the state will remove the requirement and you can do as you please, with no consequence.  I realize the above may produce more questions, so the remainder of this piece wil address..

-Who needs an SR22?
-What is the SR22 form?
-How long do I need to carry the SR22?
-What are my coverage options?

The SR22 requirement is issued to (but not limited to) drivers that commit certain violations.  The most common we see are DUI, driving without insurance, and accumulation of points.  When the state that the violations occur in advises you of the SR22 requirement, it means that they are willing to reinstate your driving privileges.  There are normally other items as well (fines, classes), together with the SR22 endorsed policy to get the job done.

The SR22 program itself is not a tangible item, however the details of the insurance policy used is transcribed on an index-card sized form.  Most prople refer to this form as the “SR22”, and the form itself is included in every policy we write for you to present at the DMV (certain states will not accept this form as proof, call for details)  The initial form acts as proof that you are correctly enrolled in the SR22 program, and the state(s) involved will be notified of any problems.

Most states that use the SR22 system have a default 3 year requirement for the policy to be maintained WITHOUT LAPSE.  Policies can be changed, or replaced at any time, so long as there is no gap in coverage, and each policy is written by a company licensed to do business and maintain the SR22 in that state.  This is our responsibility here at WESSELL INSURANCE, as we work with you throughout your time requirement.  States can begin the 3 year clock (or whatever time they decide) from a number of dates… Violation date, court date, SR22 acquisition date.  The state will clarify this for you, as we are not privy to this information.

SR22 policies can be written with or without a vehicle, and also on motorcycles and sometimes ATVs.  A traditional owners SR22 policy would cover one driver, and at least one owned vehicle.  This is a liability insurance policy similar to traditional auto policies, adhering by all state minimum limits.  Other persons and vehicles can be included, full-coverage of liability-only.  SR22 policies written without a vehicle is called non-owner SR22, or broad-form SR22, depending on the state.  In either case, liability insurance would pay for damages to property, and injury to persons whiel driving a vehicle that you do not own.  Broad-form would also cover owned vehicles, again… call us for details about the state(s) involved in your situation.  Once we talk, all your options will be explained.  80-90% of all SR22 policies we sell here are non-owner, or broad-form.

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