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February 3, 2015

SR22 Insurance explained

The SR22 insurance program has been around for decades, requiring certain drivers to participate.  If you have a DUI, driving without insurance ticket, or large number of violations over a period of time this will sound familiar..

 “You need an SR22/FR44 to release your license”

So time to get on the computer and figure it out.  Thankfully, the next paragraph should clear things up..

The SR22/FR44 you need is actually more of a ‘system’ than a tangible item.  There is an AAMVA uniform financial responsibility form issued along with the policy, but the SR22 itself is a process.  The state is basically making you this deal..  If you take out, and maintain a liability auto policy and allow us to monitor it, we will release your license.  It will remain valid as long as the SR22 endorsed policy remains active until we say you are finished.  Normally you can write the insurance a number of ways (owners SR22, non-owner SR22, broad-form SR22) and it will do the same job for your drivers license.  At WESSELL INSURANCE, we will create the cheapest, and most beneficial policy to release your license at minimum cost.  You will have the proof faxed/emailed within minutes to present for license release.

CALL US TODAY  866-663-7561   or online at   www.sr22-insurance-policies.com

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