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January 26, 2015

SR22 Insurance for your license

Here at Wessell Insurance we have literally placed over 5000 SR22 policies in 33 states over the past 10 years.  Many policies involved different state DMV offices other than the state the policy was placed in ( IE.. DUI whiile on vacation in FL, and lives in VA)

Other SR22/FR44 policies have been written on motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, and sometimes no vehicle at all (named-operator/non-owner SR22/FR44)  For every license problem, Wessell insurance can provide a liability SR22 policy to fix it, no matter how complicated.  If you are frustrated with DMV offices asking for something the regular insurance guys can’t do..  Call us now. 1-866-663-7561  WESSELL INSURANCE SERVICES   www.sr22-insurance-policies.com

Any state that requires an SR22/FR44 filing is asking for a liability auto policy that will be monitored for compliance.  The state normally does not care how it is written.. Just that it is set to at least state minimum liability limits, with or without a vehicles.  The SR22 policy written for you can be discreet, and have no effect on your current insurance situation.  If you need insurance on your vehicles anyway, the SR22 policy can include everything you need covered anyway.. Sometimes at a similar rate to traditional coverage.  In any case, you need to speak to an experienced SR22/FR44 professional agent to get the right policy.

The SR22/FR44 system is a based on communication from the insurance company to the state.  Any problems with the policy (cancel/lapse) and the state will receive an SR26 notice of lapsed policy, and the license is usually suspended.  The state is asking all drivers in the SR22/FR44 system to not only produce a policy endorsed with the appropriate filing (SR22, FR44,SR50), but also maintain it without lapse for a determined amount of time.  Once the time frame is completed, the policy can be canceled without penalty.

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