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December 26, 2016

SR22 insurance without a car

In all states that required the SR22/FR44 insurance monitoring system, questions always come up about applicable vehicles.  What if you need an SR22, but you don’t own a car? (or motorcycle)  Simply put, a non-owner SR22 policy will take care of the state requirement, and release your license (along with the other requirements from the state) With the non-owner option, you don’t need to own a car..  as the coverage applies to damage to property, and injury to people while operating a vehicle that you DO NOT OWN.  Whether you plan on borrowing cars all the time, or not driving at all ..  in order to release the license and keep it valid, you must be in compliance with an SR22 endorsed auto policy.  NAMED-OPERATOR SR22 is another name for the non-owner, and is a better titled policy when all you need is the compliance (you already have vehicle coverage taken care of)  Ususally, the SR22 policy without a car is the cheapest way to get into compliance as well.  Call us and we can get you a quote in minutes over the phone.

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