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March 11, 2014

SR22 Insurance

At Wessell Insurance, we have been selling auto insurance with and without SR22 endorsements for 9 years now.   The exact definition of an SR22 is not correctly explained on many DMV websites, or requirement letters.  Part of the process here is to make sure the driver understands exactly what the state is looking for, and the various ways to get compliant.  The term SR22 (SR-22, financial responsibility) refers to the fact that the issued insurance policy is being monitored.

The liability insurance policy issued as an “SR22” has to meet minimum state requirements.  Since these vary widely from state-to-state, the limits are explained during the first phone call.   Once we understand what the driver is needing (besides a valid license) we quote out and write an insurance policy based on the next step..  Or.. what the driver will do with the license.  Some will be operating a motorcycle only, some an owned car, and some nothing at all.. Just wanting the valid license for other things like travel, ID.  Whatever the policy type, we apply the SR22 monitoring system to it, and that puts the driver in compliance as now, the state is informed about the status of the policy.  Any problems occuring will generate an SR26 sent to the state, and they will respond with another suspension (usually)  If no problems occur with the policy, the license remains valid (no news to the state is good news)

We can explain it better than anyone else…  WESSELL INSURANCE   866-663-7561   

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