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April 11, 2021

SR22 to reinstate your drivers license

The SR22 program has been in place for many years, and continues to work the same way.  The state requiring the SR22 or FR44 (VA, FL) will not allow a drivers license to be reinstated until an acceptable auto insurance policy is written, to at least state minimum coverages, including an SR22 endorsement.  The SR22 portion of the policy is the device that allows the state to monitor the progress of the policy, and take appropriate actions if the policy is canceled too soon.  The SR22 compliance periods differ from state to state…  But generally they can last 3-5 years.  Basically, the deal that you are entering into with the state is simple.  In exchange for your license being reinstated, and keeping it valid..  You will start an auto insurance policy, and allow the state(s) to monitor the progress of the policy until your compliance period is over.  As far as what the policy is actually insuring is between you and the insurance agency/company that you put the policy in place with.  Here at Wessell Insurance, we actually put most SR22 policies in place without an auto at all!  Non-owner SR22 policies are very popular, and allow for the license to be released without including vehicles at all, leaving the household insurance situation out of the state SR22 situation.  The non-owner SR22 policies are generally much cheaper than owner’s policies as well, and very effective.  

Give us a call today at WESSELL INSURANCE…  And we can get your SR22/FR44 policy in place the most discreet and simple way possible!




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