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November 13, 2014

Tennessee SR22 insurance

The state of TN continues on with SR22 requirements for certain drivers.  The usual violations will require an SR22 be filed with Nashville, and remain on file for a given period of time (usually monitored by the state for 3 years)  With or without a vehicle, an SR22 endorsement is required on an auto policy to keep the state of TN happy.  This is to either continue with your valid TN drivers license, or get a hold removed from TN while trying to get a license in a different state.  In both cases, a non-owner SR22 will release all holds, normally for less than $40/month.  In state residents can do the non-owner (named-operator SR22) or a traditional owners SR22 while insuring your car.  Liability only is typically less than $70/month.

Once the SR22 policy is put in place, and the license issue is resolved… all you need to do is keep it going!  Making minimum payments will keep the state(s) compliance, and tick down the time you are required to maintain.  At Wessell Insurance, we can set you up on an auto-pay system where your premiums are automatically charged to your credit/debit card, no problem.

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