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June 28, 2012

The Overview of a Non-Owners Auto Policy

Basically, a non-owner liability auto policy provides basic coverage while you drive a vehicle that you don’t own.  When I say “basic” coverage, I mean damage that is caused to property, and injury caused to persons while operating a vehicle that the insured does not own.  This type of policy will NOT cover the car being operated by the insured in an accident that is at-fault. 

Some states that require PIP (Personal Injury Protection) will also include medical within the non-owners policy.  This amounts to a medical plan within the auto policy (Check with our agents to see if your state applies) 

Some states refer to a non-owner policy as a “Named-Operator” policy.  The terms are synonymous, and the policy coverage applies in exactly the same way.

Non-Owners Auto Policy Restrictions

Many people call us to try and acquire a non-owner liability policy for reasons outside the accepted risk design.  These include, but are not limited to…

  • Use for insurance while renting a car
  • Operating commercial vehicles that are not owned
  • Use for vehicles outside the contiguous 48 states.

All three examples would require specific policies dedicated to the proposed risk.

SR22 / FR44 Non-Owner Policies

The most common non-owner policy we sell at Wessell Insurance is one endorsed with an SR22, or FR44 for state license compliance.  The characteristics of coverage remain the same, but the SR22 or FR44 allow the state to monitor the progress of the policy.  This “reporting” system works the same for owner’s policies as well.

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