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May 16, 2018

Washington Broad-Form Cycle SR22 Insurance


In Washington State, an SR22 is required to release your license and keep it valid once it is suspended for certain offenses.  A   traditional owners SR22, or auto broad-form SR22 will accomplish this, but these is another, cheaper way to comply with Washington’s SR22 requirement.

At Wessell Insurance we have been writing SR22’s as cycle broad-forms for years, releasing your license and keeping it valid.  These are written in one-year increments, renewable to get across a 3-year state requirement.  The first year typically runs $350 paid in full, with each of the next 2 years about $200 paid in full each…  Total across 3 year usually runs about $750 or so. 

This version of the broad-form will release your regular WA drivers license and keep it valid, but provides no useable auto insurance.  Therefore, it is ideal for individuals that already have insurance and don’t want their carrier involved, or are not planning on getting a vehicle.  Compliance and discretion are the best features.  It will however, give you state minimum liability coverage for all motorcycles driven, owned or non-owned.  No motorcycle experience is necessary to obtain this SR22 policy, and us it for compliance.

I have personally sold hundreds of these cycle broad-form SR22s; they are a great way to satisfy Olympia quickly, at a lesser expense than traditional auto SR22 policies.  Call me today to discuss this option  866-663-7561 x104

Ed Zmuda, WA insurance agent SR22 specialist

** If you need auto coverage, this policy will not provide it, please call 866-663-7561 x104 to quote a regular auto broad-form SR22.

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