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February 8, 2024

Why are Tennessee auto insurance rates going up?

All auto insurance rates, all states and all insurance companies have been increasing.  Tennessee prices have gone up even more than the national average.  This is not a random act, there are reasons for this.  The minimum liability coverage went from $15000 to $25000 per state law.  Auto repair costs have soared due to increase in parts cost and availability and labor cost increases.  The number of serious traffic accidents are much higher, traffic fatalities have increased almost 17% in recent years.  The number of auto thefts increased by 20% just last year.  These factors reflect an alarming trend in driving habits and risk assessment for all Tennessee drivers.  If there is any good news to found it is that Wessell Insurance has been insuring Tennessee for over 17 years.  Wessell Insurance can provide Liability or full coverage auto, non-owner or motorcycle policies with or without SR-22 for the cheapest prices.  Call us at 866 663 7561 for a fast free quote or to answer any questions and explain options.  You can also CLICK HERE for an online quote form.

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